• Northern Lights Tours

    Northern Lights Tours

    Hunting the famous northern lights

  • Norwegian Fjords

    Norwegian Fjords

    Experience outside the city landscape

  • Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing

    If in norway, do as the norwegian do, Catch yourself a fish !

  • Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun

    Enjoyable activities under the warm light of the Midnight Sun

Eyewitnesses opinions

"I had a magical evening!"

I dont think I can add to the accolades written about Andrei. He is an excellent guide and goes out f his way to help and reassure you on the trip. He is very attentive and includes all members of the party. Despite terrible weather conditions his driving is excellent and I had complete faith in his abilities. A charming man who is determined to show the lights no matter how far he has to drive. I had a magical evening.
We would recommend Andrei and his tours to all!

Eileen Tibbles: November 2017

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